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Life-Changing Powerful Psychic Readings with Peg by Phone

Experience divine connections through personal, intuitive, psychic readings by Peg, available 24/7 by phone. Using astrology, she will spiritually guide you anytime you need help. All readings are professional, private, and confidential. No case or reading is too big or too small.

Psychic Reading By Phone

$25 For Every 20 Minutes

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Emergency Phone Sessions & Love Spell Casting Services Available 24/7

"Professional  and confidential after hour/holiday fees may apply"


Life Readings

Find the man or woman of your dreams with Peg's soulmate and life readings. She has the ability to help you make the right life decisions with her intuitive life coaching skills.

Working with the Universe

Find your ideal partner through astrology. During rituals, she work with the universe, including the moon and the stars, to determine the correct timing and probabilities in matters concerning love, romance, family, soul mate, business, life, finances, and more.

Intuitive Life Coaching

Through a reading, she looks for your correct spiritual path and provides you with intuitive life coaching. She also consults with her team of experts regarding the best course of action that can help you in your situation.

Make Peg your personal intuitive guide whether you need a quick answer while you're on the go or a more private and more detailed reading the in the privacy of your own home.

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